Main features

Applications: denim, jeans, outdoor wear, sun umbrellas, leather wear, fashion accessories, horse bridles, protective footwear, bags and travel accessories, nautical products and protection.
Other sizes can be made.
Very complete range of colors.
By demand we can manufacture other colors.

Available Finishings

Silicon Free - Food and safety and automotive area.
Space Dyed - Color combination - Several applications where a multi-color effect is desired.
Super Ofir - Jeans and Denim wear 100% cotton post dyed.
Indigo - Denim - Jeans and fashionable clothing where double color effect is desired.
Water repellent - Rain wear, outdoor wear, workwear, nautic, camping and military tents.

Ticket no. Size (m)
120 5.000
100 5.000
75 5.000
50 5.000
36 5.000
25 5.000