Our history

Lipaco was founded in 1987 as a company specialized in the production of sewing threads and yarns.

The economic development achieved throughout all these years allowed Lipaco to place itself in a privileged position, reaching the status of a Portuguese leader in this market field. In order to guarantee a solid future the continuous up-dating of resources, processes and technology became crucial. The company commits to constantly build strong partnerships with its clients and suppliers.

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Think globally, act locally. The intensive search for product improvement and development, allows Lipaco to ensure modern products with the highest quality always taking into account each client’s demands. The company produces what the client needs at the right time, with the highest standards.
Lipaco’s commitment is based on efficiency and integrity in all its commercial activities and established partnerships.


Lipacos’ main goal is to permanently offer the highest quality standards, keeping its strong position in the market. Search & development, technology and innovation are the key concepts for the company’s present and future.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to give our clients:

  • What they need
  • When they need it
  • Where they need it
  • A complete range of sewing threads and yarns for every application:
    • Furniture
    • Garments
    • Shoes
    • Mattresses
    • Automotive
    • Bags
  • Special applications (tents, military, filters and food industry)
  • A complete range of Polyester and Nylon texturized yarns for different applications:
    • Socks
    • Labels
    • Trimmings
    • Knitting
    • Weaving


  • Social Responsibility: Our resources and technologies optimization do not compromises Mother Nature.

  • Innovation: We are continuously searching for the most effective and latest technologies to guarantee the best product quality. We develop sewing threads and yarns for tomorrow’s market requirements.

  • Technology: Recent technologies are imperative for the birth of innovative products. The investment in advanced technology machinery is made to reinforce our competencies and to monitoring trends and needs.

  • Specialized workers: It is constantly given careful training and technical support to the human resources, in order to guarantee efficiency along all the production process.

  • Variety: Lipaco has a complete range of sewing threads and yarns for every application, in order to answer and satisfy the most specific clients’ requirements.

  • Healthy work environment: Great professionals in a comprehensive and calm working environment can only result in an excellent service. Lipaco respects each and every company’s member: shareholders, clients and workers.

  • Partnerships: We are continuously communicating with our customers, building strong relations of cooperation and loyalty.

  • Trust and Reliability: Our motto for company’s present and future.
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Embroidery and Home Textiles
Shoes and Leather

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From the spun polyester up to the high performance 100% cotton thread, our aim is to offer a wide range of products, in different colors and tickets with different applications.

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